Inspiring Responsible Business

Inspiring Responsible Business is something of a mantra at Greenleaf Publishing. Since we began our mission in 1999, many things have changed. There have been false dawns and prophets; win-win-wins and heroes. The world has changed in many ways and yet, for many organisations, environmental and social issues still remain below the radar of the wired 24/7 world. But businesses are now more exposed than ever before. The emperor’s new clothes – greenwash and PR – won’t go unnoticed for long.

The financial crisis and its repercussions have brought all of this into sharp relief. The moral bankruptcy and failure of governance at the heart of the banking crash has focused attention on ethics in business. The increasing interest of investors in corporate responsibility and the exponential growth in responsible investment mean that, for all large companies, social and environmental performance is as important as financial sustainability. And, of course, the perfect storm of problems facing our planet continues to intensify. The business of business has never been more complicated.

As a publisher with 15 years of experience in this area, I am excited. Our aim was always to make a difference. Sometimes, this has seemed like too little, too slowly, but over the last few years it has become clear that we are living through a sea change. We can no longer define ourselves in a niche. Responsible business is mainstream, newsworthy and crucial to the future of capitalism. Every day, thousands of people are blogging or tweeting about developments and initiatives all over the world.

It became clear that, with our unique community of thought-leaders from both business and academia, we should contribute. And that is the purpose of this blog. We intend this space to be an open forum for our authors to explain and provoke; to propose and debunk; to enlighten and entertain the global responsible business community. We will commission posts, run interviews, publish book reviews and also give perspectives from the publishing point of view. And, of course, we will offer our readers opportunities to receive unique discounts on our books. We hope to make a difference.

John Stuart
Managing Director of Greenleaf Publishing


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