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Jacquie Ottman gives us an insight into The New Rules of Green Marketing’s credentials and numbers

This book’s green credentials

I didn’t want to publish a book book. I wanted a digital book that could be continuously updated. But my publisher talked me out of it, convincing me that I would reach more people with a printed document than with an electronic one, at least for now. So we compromised on a paperback with a matte, not glossy cover, with vegetable-based inks on acid-free paper that was certified by FSC to have been made with mixed responsible sources. The book was distributed into the entire English-speaking world at the same time, so the UK-based printer represented an ideal launching point. Ideally, future editions will be printed on demand (or not demanded in print at all), but, for now, I’m happy that books are transported by boat.

By the numbers

Viewing the book through an accountant’s eyes finds that it (are you ready?) contains: 514,388 characters (the equivalent of 3,674 tweets), or 77,050 words arranged in 8,263 lines broken up into 2,018 paragraphs and 252 pages. It outlines 20 new rules of green marketing, and provides 86 strategies, illustrated by 155 case examples (including three biggies: Method, Starbucks and Timberland). It also includes 24 charts and graphs, and 13 checklists with 132 bullet points to help the reader along. There are also 219 resources arranged in 25 pages, 298 endnotes (so you can get more details on just about any fact in the book), and an 11-page index. I hope you find it useful.

A bunch of folks would be appreciative, including 23 colleagues who contributed content, 15 professionals who reviewed it, and two publishers and their teams in UK and San Francisco, California, with production teams in the UK, NYC, and California, who worked hand in hand to develop the book, considering over 14 separate cover designs and at least 88 different titles and an endless array of subtitles, which over 100 colleagues, family, and friends helped us to evaluate via their comments submitted to Survey Monkey. Those of us on the team unanimously voted for the winning cover, and we hope you, the reader – the only “one” who counts (no pun intended), will like it, too. (Again, no pun intended.)

Jacquie Ottman

Founder of J. Ottman Consulting, Inc.
Greenleaf Author


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