CSR for HR

As any publisher will tell you, it is a proud moment when a book receives a rave review, especially one for an author as dedicated to the sustainability industry as Elaine Cohen. CSR consultant, Sustainability Reporter, HR Professional and founding partner of Beyond Business Ltd, Elaine is the author of the highly acclaimed CSR for HR.

CSR for HR has been designed to change the game. It provides HR managers with a thorough understanding of the drivers and principles of CSR and a practical step-by-step guide to the way CSR interfaces with every HR function. Recruitment, compensation, training, employee communications, employee well-being, health & safety, employee rights, involvement in the community, and employee impacts on the environment are all discussed from the CSR–HR standpoint, with many clear examples showing how HR can leverage CSR strategies to deliver greater benefit for the business, for employees, for society, for the environment and, ultimately, for HR professionals themselves. Written from the standpoint of a HR professional waking up to the strategic possibilities of incorporating CSR in her day-to-day role, the book has an easy and engaging style, ideal for the busy managerial reader.

Having been interviewed by The Guardian, hrmagazine.co.uk, XpertHR and Just Means, Elaine’s most recent accolade comes from Ralph Thurm. A highly respected and experienced sustainability professional, Ralph describes the books as

Elaine Cohen

an enormously useful baseline…a must read for everybody who either works in the HR function and wants to develop a view on how to support CSR in their daily life, or for everybody outside the HR function looking for arguments why the HR function has an important role to play and needs to overcome some genuine mental stereotypes.

In essence, reading Elaine’s book saves the reader a lot of time reading other articles and books. To sum it up: Elaine Cohen’s book is the right book at the right moment, written in a very useful way that makes it ‘ready to use’ from day 1 onwards. There is no excuse any longer for HR practitioners to ignoring CS’HR’ due to the lack of a ‘cooking book’ of recipes. The roadmap how to embed is included in the book as well – of course!

CS’HR’ should focus on impact OF employees instead of impact ON employees to help integrate sustainability – a reflection of Elaine Cohen’s book ‘CSR for HR’ emphasises the need for reform within the industry. CSR can no longer take a back-seat in HR, but must be integrated into plans for a successful and sustainable business. CSR for HR informs and instructs at a time where HR needs to wake up to CSR.

Penny Walker
Greenleaf Publishing

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