Catching them Young

Bath University’s MSc in Responsible Business, as described in Leadership for Sustainability has reawakened my focus, and no doubt that of many others, on the responsibility we all have to educate further generations on responsible business practices. The book points out the importance of providing courses on sustainability issues, even with potentially limited impact, owing to the small number of participants on the few such courses offered at mainstream universities.

It also takes a special leader, who is already aware and concerned for the future of the business world, to steer these courses toward producing mindful graduates who become agents of change.

Such leaders are in a minority.

Sustainability awareness has to be created at a much younger age for future generations by transforming the global education system to become more contemplative. Students must be able to balance knowledge and analytical skills of the external world with inner knowledge and self awareness.

It is curious that in this world of Quantum science, we are still teaching the old Newtonian static kind. In Lalith Gurantheline with the rules of Quantum Physics, we can teach our children that there are no absolutes in the universe, instead of deluding them that technology and money take priority over nature when it comes to satisfying man’s selfish ends.

The new method of educating the businessmen and women of the future must focus on self and spirit, the body, the mind, emotions, physiology, health, deep ecology and the knowledge that everything in this universe is interconnected. We must equip the next generation with knowledge of the power they possess in their own words, and the potentially unseen impact of their actions, so they learn to take responsibility for them.

We have a responsibility to teach our children to breathe properly, to focus, contemplate, meditate, practise yoga and martial-arts and to engage in the arts. We have to teach them history in a meaningful way, so they learn which lessons not to repeat and grow to make better choices in their lives. We want future generations to think twice about a career in the military-industrial complex, and instead feel enpowered to choose paths that will bring communities together, and reject a system of economics that values a cut tree over one rooted to the ground, so they may honour nature and its bounty as they will realise that everything, the plant, the butterfly, the swamp, the bee make up this beautiful planet of ours: a planet which is worth protecting.

Lalith Gunaratne
Parent, entrepreneur, consultant, coach and writer.


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