Corporate Community Involvement

How can we find out which community involvement strategies are really effective and what people will appreciate us for?

Who should we partner with?

How can we make a real difference in society and help our business?

Companies around the world are trying to answer these questions. Many are asking the same questions even as, collectively, they continue to spend billions on their communities.

How do they know which activities are really worthwhile?

With all this investment in CCI, wouldn’t you think companies would spend a little more time and energy actually planning their CCI program so that it that delivers full strategic value rather than just a theoretical reputation boost? That’s where Nick Lakin and Veronica Scheubel come in. Their book, Corporate Community Involvement: The Definitive Guide to Maximising your Business’ Societal Engagement is the most comprehensive guide ever written to help companies and their internal CCI leaders do just this.
Elaine Cohen, CSR Wire.

Corporate Community Involvement demonstrates what to do and how to do it. The advice is backed up by inspiring interviews with best-in-class practitioners from businesses such as Microsoft, GlaxoSmithKline, Ericsson, and Deutsche Bank and leading international Corporate Responsibility and Community Involvement experts. The book highlights proven best-practice approaches, effective methods, and concise tools to help managers “get there faster” and “get it right first time.”

It is refreshing to pick up a book in the corporate citizenship and responsibility field that reflects the wisdom and battle scars of practitioners who have drawn on their on the ground experiences to create a manual as much as a book. For those wanting to know how to drive corporate citizenship and community involvement from the ground up, from inside out and outside in, this is a book you want by your side – not on the bookshelf. Lakin and Scheubel have succeeded wonderfully in bringing all of the essential elements in community engagement into one very readable and hands-on book that any company attempting to reset their corporate citizenship will find immediately and essentially useful.
Professor Brad Googins, Department of Organizational Studies, Boston College.

The book takes an international perspective on corporate social involvement and offers advice and business models which can be implicated all over the world:

In this evolving world, business cannot afford to ignore the community around them. Healthy communities are critical for efficient operations, productive employees and a loyal consumer base. Business also has the opportunity to positively impact some of the most important issues facing society. This book is a must-read for the business practitioner.
Jeff Hoffman, former Vice President, Worldwide Outreach, The Walt Disney Company.

Corporate Community Involvement is designed to be as relevant to small companies as it is to multinational corporations. As a result it is an invaluable resource for those in all sectors of the business world, as well as other organisations such as government, international agencies, NGOs, and academia.

This is an invaluable read for everyone interested in corporate Community Involvement. The authors have gathered together a wealth of helpful information in a single, highly readable space. It will be great for experts and newcomers alike.
Sir David Bell, former Chairman, Financial Times Group.

Listen to the Dubai Eye Podcast for more of Veronica Scheubel’s thoughts on CSR.

Veronica Scheubel, author of Corporate Community Involvement has recently spoken to Dubai Eye Business Radio about how companies can get more involved in their communities. Listen to the podcast on why and how companies should effectively contribute their core competencies to solving pressing social and environmental issues in the community.

Chloe Parker
Greenleaf Publishing


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