Sustainability in Austerity: How local government can deliver during times of crisis

Sustainability in AusteritySustainability in Austerity, local government battling back, cost-neutral ways for council leaders to save the planet during an economic crisis – when have we needed Philip Monaghan’s invitation to experience the kaleidoscope of cost-neutral ways towards sustainability more? The symptoms of a multifaceted crisis can be seen across the globe, yet local managers and political leaders remain paralysed, unprepared and lacking in inspiration. Many fear failure and seem reluctant to act.
 Monaghan’s book is a call to action. He shows that it is completely possible for local governments to battle for sustainable development at low cost, or no cost, while creating win-win situations. By examining cities around the world, he has collected numerous practical examples that can now serve as blueprints for local leaders. As our economies begin to heal, it may become easier to adopt similar initiatives, bearing in mind the possibility of future economic difficulties and continuing environmental decline.

This review appears in the ICLEI European Secretariat Newsletter for September 2011.

AVAILABLE NOW:Sustainability in Austerity is number 35 on CPSL’s Top 40 Sustainability Books of 2010. Buy direct from Greenleaf and receive a 30% discount. Enter discount code sia836 at the checkout. Offer valid until 30 September 2011.


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