Web-only offer: Free book with your subscription to Business, Peace and Sustainable Development

bpsdcov Business, Peace and Sustainable Development (BPSD) aims at understanding the role of the business sector in enhancing peace and reducing violence, and contributing to sustainable development. On the other hand, it is also aimed at understanding the importance of peace to the economy and markets. While some research has been published on business and peace and peace through commerce, BPSD is the first journal dedicated to mutual contribution of business and peace.

Peace is the absence of violence, but it also incorporates social justice, human rights, stability and sustainable development. Peace is essential to address the global challenges facing humanity today. Without peace we will be unable to achieve the levels of cooperation, inclusiveness and social equity necessary to solve problems such as climate change, global poverty and the health crisis. It is acknowledged that most businesses and industries need a peaceful market to operate and assure a smooth supply chain. As such, the relationship between business and peace is an on-going and mutual one, and needs to be further developed and investigated.

Corporate Peace is defined as the incorporation of peace and reduction of violence into a company’s strategy, decision-making and the value chain in order to raise awareness to peace, support and enhance it. Corporate Peace is an umbrella concept that contains business, social and strategic dimensions.

Corporate Peace is an idea whose time has come. Companies, through their power, knowledge, financial and other resources can have a tremendous impact on the peacefulness of our world. Through the resources they control and people they employ, corporations possess real economic and political power and have the ability to significantly impact the natural environment as well as the political one. Businesses can create the conditions needed for peace and can contribute to the reduction of violence locally, nationally, and globally. This can be done through a firm’s strategy, competitive advantage and value chain.

The role of this journal is to promote the discussion on business and peace, and publish work on the mutual relationship of business and peace: empirical studies, theories, cases and tools.

PRME_BLUE_RGB Business, Peace and Sustainable Development is published in association with the United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education.

popcovWith our web-only offer, if you subscribe to Business, Peace and Sustainable Development before 30 June 2013 you will receive a free copy of The Profit of Peace by Karolien Bais and Mijnd Huijser. Subscribe now.

“Business cannot succeed if states fail. How business acts and uses its influence in conflict-prone situations can make a big difference, both for better and for worse. This book provides important insight for business executives and policy-makers. It will hopefully help to make business part of the solution.”

– Georg Kell, Executive Director, Global Compact Office, United Nations, New York


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