Award-winning business publisher AMACOM to join Sustainable Organization Library

The publishing division of the American Management Association, AMACOM, announced today that it will be joining forces with GSE Research to make its titles available as part of the Sustainable Organization Library, a new online library of volumes on responsible business, sustainability and CSR.

AMACOM publishes titles from world-class experts on business, leadership, management, HR and communications. Its publications will appear in the Sustainable Organization Library (SOL) 2014 alongside new collections from Oxfam International and the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD).

John Peters, CEO of GSE Research, said: “We are tremendously pleased to welcome AMACOM on board, and to add the expertise and works of yet another internationally-renowned specialist publisher to our library. Now, more than ever, the Sustainable Organization Library is a vital resource for businesses and business schools looking to take the lead on sustainability.”

Rosemary Carlough, Vice President of Marketing at AMACOM, added: “We are always pleased to have our content more widely distributed, as it benefits our authors, our readers and ourselves. That’s why we got into publishing. The Sustainable Organization Library seems like a great fit for an interesting selection of our titles.”

SOL 2014 is due to launch later this month.


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