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JCC46 coverFull archive available free online for a fortnight

“The Journal of Corporate Citizenship provides a forum for the most crucial and innovative issues of corporate citizenship to be discussed and publishes sound research and scholarship, as well as providing a space for forward-thinking debates and insights in the ‘Turning Points’ section.

–  Jonas Haertle, Head, PRME Secretariat

We are delighted to announce that all back issues of The Journal of Corporate Citizenship have been digitised and are now available online in the Sustainable Organization Library (SOL).To coincide with the publication of the 51st issue of JCC, we are making all issues freely available to access for the next two weeks.Using the login details below every issue of JCC will be free to access on the Sustainable Organization Library platform, until 24th October.

Access JCC here

Username: jccfreeaccess

Password: october

Click here to access the latest issue of The Journal of Corporate Citizenship.

“The Journal of Corporate Citizenship is one of the few multi and interdisciplinary journals available to business scholars and practitioners who are aiming to pursue sustainable outcomes for business through their research.”

 – Dr Nick Barter, MBA Director, Griffith University

Recent special issues include:

Issue 50: Business-NGO Partnerships

Guest Editors: Esben Rahbek Gjerdrum Pedersen and Janni Thusgaard Pedersen, Copenhagen Business School Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility, Denmark

This Special Issue documents and shares the experiences from the 2012 conference Partnership 2012: NGO+Business that took place at Copenhagen Business School. During the three-day event, a wide range of business leaders, NGO representatives, politicians, academics and students discussed how partnerships can help to alleviate some of the urgent social and environmental challenges facing the world today…

Read more

Editor: Malcolm McIntosh, Asia Pacific Centre for Sustainable Enterprise Griffith University,  Australia

This special edition on Creating Global Citizens and Responsible Leadership begs many questions in its title. The eight papers and one Turning Point that make up this issue represent a truly global response to the debate and all approach the task of analysis and understanding from different perspectives, and all tell different stories. Does the rise of the global citizen mean the demise, or at least the transformation, of the nation-state?

Read more

Guest Editor: Rory Sullivan, University of Leeds, UK, and Daphne Biliouri West Sands Advisory LLP, UK

There is huge investor interest in the growth and investment potential of emerging markets, and there has been a significant increase in the scale of the investments being made in these markets. While concerns have been raised about the potential negative consequences of such investments in the context of specific projects and at the macroeconomic level, investors have suggested that these are necessary, albeit painful, steps towards greater economic welfare over the longer term…

Read more

Editors: David Cooperrider and Ronald Fry, The Fowler Center for Sustainable Value, Case Western Reserve University, USA

In a world where just about every corporation is going greener and more socially responsible, and where many have found that building a better world and building a stronger business indeed go hand in hand, it is time for scholars and managers alike to explore the impact of sustainability action on the workforce and people; that is, to study exactly how the quest for sustainable value affects the human side of enterprise… what happens to us when we are engaged in organisations that are leading and breaking the sustainability barrier?

Read more

 Guest Editors:  Miguel Angel Gardetti and Ana Laura Torres, The Sustainable Textile Centre, Argentina

Is sustainable fashion a contradiction in terms? This special issue explores the challenges of developing a more sustainable textile industry – an industry that generated around US$1 trillion of world consumer spending in 2000; an industry that is diverse and heterogeneous; and significant parts of which are dominated by developing countries, particularly in Asia, and above all by China.

Read more

JCC plays an increasingly important role for management scholars and practitioners engaged in… sustainability and corporate social responsibility. I have found this journal to be an outstanding source of rigorous thinking and analysis on the practical realities of management today, presented in an accessible and engaging format.”

– Chris Laszlo, author of Embedded Sustainability  and Associate Professor, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University

JCC continues to be available as a single subscription (print/online) – please find further details on the JCC homepageThe Journal of Corporate Citizenship was one of the first academic journals to focus on the theory and practice of corporate citizenship. An influential and respected transdisciplinary publication, it is one of the few journals to maintain its launch remit of integrating theory and practice and has maintained its commitment to publishing challenging and thought-provoking papers.  If you are interested in submitting a paper for review please see the  Notes for Contributors.

We hope you enjoy the free access period and please feel free to contact us on with any questions.

To find out more about the Sustainable Organization Library (SOL) 2014 or to start a free trial, contact


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