Free access to new Business, Peace and Sustainable Development journal – now available

BPSD coverWe are delighted to announce the publication of the inaugural issue of Business, Peace and Sustainable Development, which is now available online and as part of the Sustainable Organization Library (SOL)

BPSD is published in association with the UN-backed Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME).

“Academically, tying business and peace is a relatively new idea. With only a handful of books, a few articles and a couple of special issues on business and peace… we now need an on-going platform for publications on the subject. The new journal Business, Peace and Sustainable Development will address this need. It was announced on the International Day of Peace with the hope it will not only help develop this academic field, but have genuine social impact on the global community.

“I hope you will find the inaugural issue and the following issues of BPSD important and useful. I look forward to receiving your submission of papers, cases and comments so we can promote not only this journal, but more importantly, the idea that businesses can have a major role in promoting peace and sustainable development for the benefit of their local, national and international community and for the benefit of the economy and the business sector.”

Debbie Haski-Leventhal,

To celebrate the publication of BPSD, we are making the first issue freely available to access for the next fortnight. Use the link and login details below to access BPSD on the SOL platform until 30th November 2013.

Access BPSD: Issue 1

Username: bpsdtrialaccount
Password: bpsdtrialaccount

Business, Peace and Sustainable Development

Issue 1, September 2013

Debbie Haski-Leventhal, Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Australia

Introducing the Editorial Board
Andrew Heys, Daniel Hyslop, Robert E. McNulty, Topher L. McDougal, Melissa Powell, Malcolm McIntosh, Arouna Roshanian, Timothy L. Fort

Interpreting the North African Arab Spring: Based on a Four-Stage Model of Economic Injustice and Peace
Robert E. McNulty, Bentley University, USA; Tarek Hatem, American University in Cairo, Egypt; Noômen Lahimer, University of Carthage, Tunisia; Tarek Tantoush, Libyan Academy of Graduate Studies, Libya

How Institutional and Business Power Theory Shapes Business Strategy in Fragile States: The Case of Sierra Leone
Ashley Tevault, University of Manchester, UK

Introducing the Concept of Violence Containment Spending: Why it is Important for Economic Growth and Business
Daniel Hyslop, Institute for Economics and Peace, Australia

The Butcher, the Baker, the Brewer, and the Peacebuilder: Opportunities, Strategies, and Metrics for the Role of Business in Building Peace
Talia Hagerty, New York University Center for Global Affairs, USA

Business, Peace and Sustainable Development is an interdisciplinary journal that aims to understand the role of the business sector in enhancing peace and reducing violence and contributing to sustainable development. It is also aimed at understanding the importance of peace to the economy and markets. While some research has been published on business and peace and peace through commerce, BPSD is the first journal dedicated to mutual contribution of business and peace. It aims to promote the discussion on business and peace, and publish innovative and rigorous interdisciplinary research on the mutual relationship of business and peace: empirical studies, theories, cases and tools.

BPSD accepts academic papers for double-blind peer-review; it also invites contributions to the journal’s ‘Peace Dialogues’ section, a space for viewpoints, case studies and more. Please see the Call for Papers for further information.

BPSD is also available as an online subscription – please visit the BPSD homepage for further details. You can also sign up for the BPSD mailing list on the homepage.

“This journal will fill a gap in our knowledge on the links between international relations and business behaviour. All things are connected and the transdisciplinarity necessarily involved in linking business, peace and sustainability requires bravery and intellectual effort. But, it is the only way forward.”
–  Malcolm McIntosh, Asia Pacific Centre for Sustainable Enterprise, Griffith University and Editor of The Journal of Corporate Citizenship

 BPSD will help to expand our understanding of the important role of business in contributing to peace and sustainable development.  I also hope that it will help to enhance the depth of engagement by business in this important area.”
–  Melissa Powell, United Nations Global Compact

“[This] journal has the potential to influence the thinking and actions of policy-makers and business leaders alike…  I for one am really looking forward to reading this first issue.”
–  Andrew Heys, Lecturer, Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM)

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