Q&A with Treedom – Greenleaf’s Tree-Giving Partner this Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day 2015 on April 22, we’re giving our customers the gift of a cacao tree with purchases of specially selected Greenleaf Publishing eBooks, in support of a Treedom reforestation project in Cameroon.

We sat down with Filippo Taccetti and Niccolo Giordano from Treedom to ask them some questions about their initiative on behalf of our readers.

FilippoFilippo Taccetti
Partner & Business Development Manager




NiccoloNiccolò Giordano
Forestry Operations Manager





Hi Filippo and Niccolò. To start things off tell us a little bit more about how the idea for Treedom come about?

Filippo: The idea to give people and companies the opportunity to plant trees and have the opportunity to follow their growth online comes from the necessity to provide a direct link between the local farmers in our reforestation projects around the world and those who want to plant them. It’s like adopting a tree and being able to take it with you and follow it’s growth online. Moreover, thanks to the integration via social media, anyone can share their green action and invite others to view their tree and share too. In the end, the main idea is to make reforestation activities fun and engaging and with the possibility to bring this concept to everyone’s household.

What are your key objectives as an organization?

F:  Our objective is to plant as many trees as possible, providing at the same time social benefits to the local communities which plant our trees, fresh clean air for the planet and a platform where anyone can choose the species they want to plant.

Innovation, engagement and transparency are Treedom’s pillars. A simple tree becomes an interactive and smart tool to engage with stakeholders. Companies can give a tree as a gift to their employees, as a reward for their costumers and consumers, or for special events. Thanks to the flexibility of services Treedom provides a new way to make stakeholders the protagonists of the company’s sustainability mission and to effectively communicate the company’s social and environmental commitment.

We believe that privates and companies can contribute to produce environmental benefits, and help people to live in a more sustainable world. Moreover, we are very proud to belong to the B Corp community, which involves more and more companies which pursue the common goal of change. Today, Treedom has been awarded as a Best for the World 2015 company.

We are now working to give the Treedom platform a stronger usability and possibility for people to create, amongst other new amazing tools, their own events and campaigns. I invite you all to follow us on Twitter and Facebook and wait for June to see the brand new website.

How do you choose the countries/ local partners you work with and the species of tree which will be planted in these countries?

Niccolò: All reforestation projects are developed by rural communities in developing countries. We choose NGOs, and local associations or cooperatives which already work in reforestation and in social programs. It is important to find someone that has a social network in the country and that knows the people’s needs and the social and economic problems in the region very well.

Usually Treedom plants fruit trees and forestry trees. Fruit trees generate a social impact because the local communities involved in the projects directly benefit from the products of the trees and their derivatives. Environmental benefits come from the improvement of soil quality, fertility and from the hydrogeological stability.

For this initiative, we’re working together to plant cacao trees in Cameroon. Tell us more about the IRAD plantation project there:

N: IRAD is a public research authority under the technical supervision of the Cameroonian Ministry for the Scientific Research and Innovation. The project aims to:

  1. Develop high-yielding varieties of food crops,
  2. Find solutions for diseases and pests,
  3. Improve the agricultural systems based on food crops
  4. Develop techniques of food processing.

Why are these cacao trees so important for the communities in the Central Region in which they are planted?

N: Planting cacao trees with the active participation of many villages of the Central Region will benefit the farmers because they will use the fruits of the tree, selling the cacao in the local market, transforming that and improving their food security.

How many people do you estimate will benefit from the IRAD Cameroon reforestation project?

IRAD Cameroon image 3 N: 300 farmers will benefit from the reforestation project. 1300 in total, including their families.



Thank you Filippo and Niccolò.


The specially selected Greenleaf Publishing eBooks included in our tree-giving offer with Treedom are:

  • Base of the Pyramid 3.0: Sustainable Development through Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Fernando Casado Caneque and Stuart L. Hart)
  • Changing the Food Game: Market Transformation Strategies for Sustainable Agriculture (Lucas Simons)
  • The Responsible Fashion Company: Integrating Ethics and Aesthetics in the Value Chain
    (Francesca Romana Rinaldi and Salvo Testa)

bop3.0                     changingTFGrespfashion




Customers will receive an email following their purchase with their unique TreeCode and information on how to redeem their gift online. They will be able to follow their progress of their tree as it’s planted as part of Treedom’s IRAD Cameroon project, then watch it grow and flourish.

The offer is available from Monday April 20, while stocks last. Terms and conditions apply.

Visit www.greenleaf-publishing.com/earthday2015 for further details.

*Image used with kind permission from Riccardo Alessandrini


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