Greenleaf author addresses UK Committee on Climate Change

A Greenleaf author has presented research from his forthcoming book, the first to analyze the psychosocial impacts of climate disruption, to a group of experts at the UK Committee on Climate Change (UK CCC).

Bob Doppelt, who is Executive Director of The Resource Innovation, spoke on the theories behind Transformational Resilience to the UK CCC team which advises on links between climate change mitigation and adaptation at the session organized by Greenleaf earlier this week.

Transformational Resilience

“Doppelt is right … We still reside on the planet of most remarkable life and beauty. We must use the challenge of preserving this for future generations to overcome any feelings of regret or despair.” – James Hansen, Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Science, Columbia University.

Due out in February next year, Transformational Resilience applies a trauma-informed mental health and psychosocial perspective and offers a groundbreaking approach to responding to climate disruption. T​he book examines how climate disruption​ traumatizes ​societies and how ​effective responses​ can ​catalyze​ positive learning, growth, and ​change.

Using his own organization’s Transformational Resilience program as an example, Doppelt describes methods and skills that may be used to build capacity within all levels of societies to alleviate the acute traumas and toxic stresses, including those of climate change.

It comes as world leaders have gathered in Paris over the past two weeks for the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference. The goal of the COP 21 summit is reach an agreement on a new legal framework to limit global warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius by 2100.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has described the talks as “one of the most important peace agreements of our times”.

To learn more about Transformational Resilience and author Bob Doppelt, visit the Greenleaf Publishing website.

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