Nobody’s Right if Everybody’s Wrong

by Dr. Kathy Miller Perkins

“Something is happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear ”
Lyrics from For What It’s Worth-Buffalo Springfield, 1966


 Six Officers Charged in Freddie Gray Death[1]

 Public division about climate change rooted in conflicting socio-political identities [2]

MLGAs I was writing the blog this month, I found myself distracted by news headlines that seemed to beg for my attention.  I read the stories of riots in Baltimore over the death while in police custody of, a young black man, Freddie Gray.  Eyewitness accounts differed dramatically on the “facts” of what transpired.  And each witness seemed to have great confidence in the details as he or she described them.

Moreover, I ran across an article on climate change that stated, “U.S. believers and skeptics have distinct social identities, beliefs and emotional reactions that systematically predict their support for action to advance their respective positions.”[3]  The authors argued that communication and education are unlikely to resolve the divide since the opinions are rooted in emotion. They stated, “Interventions that increase angry opposition to action on climate change are especially problematic.”

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Natural Corporate Management, a truly fresh perspective on individual and corporate behavior

NCM_covReview of  Natural Corporate Management: From the Big Bang to Wall Street by William C. Frederick

Rare are books that begin with the Big Bang and march sequentially through a litany of seemingly unrelated natural phenomena including energy, life itself, genetics, and the rise of Homo sapiens. Add to this Darwinian survival and market competition, and you have Natural Corporate Management, a truly fresh perspective on individual and corporate behavior.

The novelty of the examples and logic is indisputable. Each natural science phenomenon is presented as more than just an analogy. Frederick (emer., Univ. of Pittsburgh), author of numerous works including Corporation, Be Good! (CH, Jul’06, 43-6635), treats them directly or indirectly as the causes for modern business practices. He offers a natural-world evolutionary perspective of why organizations exist and how they function. Continue reading

Is global citizenship about Google, Amazon and Facebook, or is it about aspiration to higher goals?

"Responsible leadership in government, business or civil society is founded on (responsible) global citizenship" - Malcolm McIntosh

“Responsible leadership in government, business or civil society is founded on (responsible) global citizenship” – Malcolm McIntosh

Does the rise of the global citizen mean the demise, or at least the transformation, of the nation-state? Certainly, anyone who has spent any time in China in recent years will tell you that everyone is full of ideas and politics around a table and over a beer, but much more circumspect online: it’s all very Orwellian. And as social media expands into every corner of our lives and into every crack in our brains—in almost all countries—we must wonder if in gaining the world, and therefore giving birth to global citizenship, we are not giving ourselves away to whoever is collecting the ‘big data’ at the supermarket checkout and in the global etherspace.
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