The Positive Psychology of Sustainable Enterprise: A special JCC issue

JCC46 coverThis week sees the release of a special issue of the Journal of Corporate Citizenship (JCC). This issue, on the Positive Psychology of Sustainable Enterprise, looks at how a positive approach to corporate sustainability catalyses engagement, productivity and workplace well-being.

The collection of ten papers explores how an organisation’s quest for sustainable value might bring out the best not just on the outside – helping to advance a better society or world – but also bring out the best on the ‘inside’ – in the flourishing of people, the quality of their relationships, their health and well-being, their motivation and performance, and their capacity for growth, resilience and positive change.

Contributors including David Cooperrider, Chris Laszlo and John Ehrenfeld discuss the impact of a positive attitude towards sustainable growth, and how we might move forward using our knowledge of the link between advancing sustainability for the good of individuals as well as the good of society.
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