Redefining boundaries within organizations

Note: this article is part of The Transatlantic Debate Blog series, which forms a conversation between Dr. Katrin Muff and Dr. Kathy Miller Perkins on business sustainability. Read the previous post here.

If we want companies to engage in courageous collaboration beyond their traditional organizational boundaries and engage in new ways with other players and stakeholders, we need people capable of engaging themselves personally in new ways, and also engaging with others. This article looks at what it takes to achieve just that.  Continue reading

Free Access to The Journal of Corporate Citizenship

JCC46 coverFull archive available free online for a fortnight

“The Journal of Corporate Citizenship provides a forum for the most crucial and innovative issues of corporate citizenship to be discussed and publishes sound research and scholarship, as well as providing a space for forward-thinking debates and insights in the ‘Turning Points’ section.

–  Jonas Haertle, Head, PRME Secretariat

We are delighted to announce that all back issues of The Journal of Corporate Citizenship have been digitised and are now available online in the Sustainable Organization Library (SOL).To coincide with the publication of the 51st issue of JCC, we are making all issues freely available to access for the next two weeks.Using the login details below every issue of JCC will be free to access on the Sustainable Organization Library platform, until 24th October.

Access JCC here

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Is global citizenship about Google, Amazon and Facebook, or is it about aspiration to higher goals?

"Responsible leadership in government, business or civil society is founded on (responsible) global citizenship" - Malcolm McIntosh

“Responsible leadership in government, business or civil society is founded on (responsible) global citizenship” – Malcolm McIntosh

Does the rise of the global citizen mean the demise, or at least the transformation, of the nation-state? Certainly, anyone who has spent any time in China in recent years will tell you that everyone is full of ideas and politics around a table and over a beer, but much more circumspect online: it’s all very Orwellian. And as social media expands into every corner of our lives and into every crack in our brains—in almost all countries—we must wonder if in gaining the world, and therefore giving birth to global citizenship, we are not giving ourselves away to whoever is collecting the ‘big data’ at the supermarket checkout and in the global etherspace.
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