ARSP as a diversity of perspectives

Following the release of the latest edition of The Annual Review of Social Partnerships (ARSP), Associate Editor, Jill Bogie, discusses the role of multi-stakeholder partnerships in building a more sustainable future.

One of the reasons that ARSP is such a great resource is the diversity of perspectives that it offers and the huge variety of subject areas where cross-sector partnerships (CSPs) are applied. From this variety, one of the notable themes in this year’s issue is multi-stakeholder collaboration. The editors of the Publications Section observe that there is a growing interest in the governance of such arrangements. It is a topic that is covered in each of the five sections of ARSP.

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10th Celebratory Issue of ARSP 2015 – Now Available






We are delighted to announce the 10th celebratory issue of the Annual Review of Social Partnerships (ARSP), providing the one-stop shop of high quality curated content in cross-sector collaboration research and practice from around the world.

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