Local Content in Procurement: Creating Local Jobs and Competitive Domestic Industries in Supply Chains

Local Content in ProcurementThe launch party for Local Content in Procurement was held on Tuesday 27 September at the Bloomsbury Hotel, London.

Local Content in Procurement is the first book of its kind. Recognising the substantial economic and social value brought to host countries and local communities through the procurement practices of large private and public companies, this book by Dr Michael Warner — Director of the consultancy firm Local Content Solutions and former architect of the Local Content standards for BG Group — provides a first-hand account of the local content regulations, strategies and procurement processes needed to realise these benefits.

The launch was attended by many leading figures in the fields of supply chain management and local content policy, many of whom had high praise for the book:

This book is a highly recommended guide by the foremost authority on the subject.
Hon. Tam Brisibe, former Chairman, Committee of Petroleum Resources Upstream, House of Representatives, Nigeria

Mr Tunde Imoyo, CEO of Josef Petroleum; and on his left the former Nigerian Parliament member Hon. Tam Brisibe.

…a must-read for those of us responsible for formulating local content policy and regulations.
Elias A. Kilembe, Local Content Coordinator, Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation, Tanzania

A valuable book for all supply chain professionals living with local content challenges and opportunities.
Simon Blamires, Regional Supply Chain Director, Africa, Newmont Mining, Ghana

This clearly written book… should serve as a useful handbook to regulators and industry practitioners alike.
Joe Leahy, Brazil Bureau Chief, Financial Times

What we have learned from this book is allowing us …to obtain tangible information and contractual commitments from tenderers to support our local content business objectives.
Dinah Quashie, Local Content Supervisor, Tullow Ghana Limited

Dr Michael Warner

Dr Michael Warner signs copies of his book.

Dr Michael Warner has 22 years’ experience aligning business strategy with the socioeconomic priorities of host countries. Currently Managing Director of the specialist training and consultancy firm Local Content Solutions, he has worked in Europe, Africa, Central and S.E. Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. He has written Local Content in Procurement for those working for the procurement, strategy and social responsibility departments of major private and public companies and international suppliers, for industrial and economic policy-makers and regulators of local content, and for all those involved in the management of procurement expenditure to develop national and local industries.

Sam Beattie
Greenleaf Publishing


Local Content in ProcurementAVAILABLE NOW: Local Content in Procurement is both a how-to manual and a thoughtful insight into the challenge of creating sustainable jobs and competitive national industries through expenditure on bought-in goods and services. Buy from Greenleaf using promo code launch964 to receive a 30% discount.


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